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للمقبلين على سرّ الزواج المقدّس رجاءً مراجعة موقع:  wedding2

مركز القدّيس نيقولاوس للإعداد الزوجيّ

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Archdiocesan Schools Print Email
  • St. George Bsalim Secondary School:
    "St. Georges School - Bsalim, animated by the spirit of the Orthodox Church, is a mixed school with pupils from all social backgrounds in an atmosphere of openness and respect for all." - More...

  • The Orthodox School - Ain Dara:
    The Orthodox School is a primary school run by the parish of Ain Dara, Director Fr. Ghassan Haddad.

  • The School of Ecclesiastic Music "SEM":
    The School of Ecclesiastic Music was established in 1997. It aims at spreading the love and knowledge of Byzantine Music in Lebanon and in the world, by working closely with young adults and youth.
    SEM developed a new revolutionary curriculum for teaching Byzantine Music through the practice with students over 7 years. SEM publishes continuously new articles in Byzantine Music.
    SEM Choir is the leading Antiochian Byzantine choir. It has earned international reputation due to its chanting style and professionalism. SEM has recorded until now 17 Byzantine Albums. - More...